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9th-Sep-2010 11:52 am - Doggie dentures
 I don't know if you've seen the commercials, or not, but...

31st-Aug-2010 01:25 pm - Letter to the mutt

You are cute beyond description, sappy as any sappy tree, and you smell great since Ross gave you a bath.  But if you wake us up to "go potty" at 3AM but then just mess around and fake pee because you thought it'd be fun to take a stroll at that time of night ever again, I will wake YOU up at 3AM "just for funsies" everyday for a week.

You have been warned.


4th-Aug-2010 01:01 pm - Advantages to "poverty"
 I'm not going to pretend that I enjoy being poor, because I don't.  What I wouldn't give to hop on over to Nordstrom and replace my deteriorating Citizens of Humanity jeans... but I can't and so I won't.  I miss having a nice, casual pair of denim that can turn slightly dressy when paired with the right top.  But on the bright side, I've "discovered" places like Kohl's, which has pretty cool stuff for less than what one would pay for it/something like it elsewhere.  

I'm sure there are more advantages than the previous one and the one I'm about to go into, but I'm too lazy to really sit and think about what they are right now.  I think my favorite thing to have been borne from our bout with poverty is that my husband now eats leftovers.  That's right.  When I met Ross, he just didn't do leftovers.  No thank you, no ma'am.  Thought they were gross, poisonous, whatever.  It was really aggravating.  Now, I beam with pride when I see him using the last of the milk at the bottom of the jug, instead of pouring it down the sink and moving on to the new jug.  Why, just last night, he ran to the store to buy some eggs but made sure to use the last egg from the previous batch, which had "expired" on July 28th.  I don't know about you, but I call that progress.

Oh, the small things....
23rd-Jul-2010 03:19 pm - Holy cow, oil changes are expensive!
bad hair day
 I was way overdue for an oil change on my trusty little Hyundai.  I also just so happened to have a few $10 off coupons for Jiffy Lube services.  Well, instead of calling ahead to inquire as to what the original cost of one of their signature oil changes would be, I just drove on over after dropping Ross off at the capitol this morning.  I've had my oil changed before, so I was figuring it would be somewhere between $25-$45.  WRONG.  Dead wrong.  Turns out, Jiffy Lube is muy expensivo.  I needed what I bought and asked for the lowest grade of oil (I even turned down their recommendation that I replace one of the three belts in my something-or-other), so I guess I shouldn't be too upset, but my word... that's not how I really wanted to spend a good chunk of money.

But my little car drives oh-so-smoothly now!  VROOM, VROOM!
20th-Jul-2010 02:10 pm - Busy bee, weird bee
 I've been a busy little bee this week so far.  I applied for a few jobs yesterday, two of which are for positions at the local SPCA.  I applied to be a volunteer Airport Greeter for an international adoption agency today, and I'm getting ready to meet with someone at a local career college.  The career college thing is what makes me a weird bee.  I'm just doing some research on some medical positions.  I've never really felt pulled towards the medical field, to be honest.  I'm simply looking for backup plans that may prove at least somewhat lucrative, in that jobs are out there in the medical field.  I've recently dabbled in the idea of becoming a personal trainer, but I feel like that's much more of a niche sort of thing, and not quite as high in demand.  Although I feel I'd be really good at it if I had clients willing to take some tough love in order to meet their goals.

Anyway, I'm heading out the door to talk to the career college guy.   
 I don't want to get into how frustrated/angry/disappointed that my husband and I missed out on the last Sacramento Groupon deal for a $65 photo session (valued at $300+), because we dilly-dallied.  No, I really don't, because I just don't want to focus on that right now... it makes me super sad-faced. 

We really want to be able to take some nice location (read: not studio) photos in the downtown/old town area just so we can have a couple frame-able photos for our house, to give to family members as part of Christmas gifts, to slap onto those photo-Christmas cards to send out during the holidays, and as our annual photo (okay, so it's not annual yet, but I'd like to start a tradition of having one nice pro photo of us for every year that we're married).  However, after doing some quick Google searching, it 's looking like there's NO WAY we'll be able to afford anybody's rates.  Which just really makes me blue.  I know our wedding photographers offer a $50 engagement-style photo shoot, but it's important to me that we do this in Sacramento, and that price would undoubtedly increase significantly if we asked them to travel four hours to Sacramento.  Yup, not happening.

So, my question to you guys, if you just so happen to know (I figure it's worth a shot), is if you know of a semi-inexpensive local photographer/photography student (we're talking not a whole lot more than $100 for the session and reasonable print/digital proof prices) who we can work with?  If you do, I'd be very grateful for the info.

Crossing fingers....
17th-Jul-2010 12:13 pm - You're so good, but so, so bad...
 Ross and I were just talking yesterday about how good of a dog Amos has become.  Just a sweet little snugglebug whose biggest vice is getting into the trash.  Of course, this can be remedied by locking the kitchen trashcan in the bathroom when we have to step out and leave Amos by himself.  However, when we're home it's not a problem.

HA!  Last night proved otherwise.  Amos, for the most part, has given up sleeping on the bed with us and has taken to his soft-sided crate we keep in the bedroom for nighttime sleeping.  We don't bother to zip him up in there, since he's certainly welcome to hop up on the bed when he pleases and sleep there with us.  Usually, though, he doesn't budge in the night.  He just conks out and stays out.  Ross has been leaving the bedroom door open at night (I'm sure you see where this is going already) since it creates a cross draft with the windows in the apartment being open, which is much needed in the Sacramento summer heat if one is to sleep semi-comfortably.  

Well, I don't know WHAT got into him last night, but at about 2:30 AM, Ross and I awoke to a strange sound in the living room/kitchen area of the apartment.  I immediately asked if Ross could see Amos sleeping in his crate (the crate is on Ross' side of the bed), since I'm always paranoid that Amos will get into mischief in the night what with the door being wide open for him to leave at will.  Ross couldn't really see but said, "Oh, it's probably just the vertical blinds swaying in the breeze.  More noises.  NOT vertical blinds noises.  I asked again, "Can you see Amos in his crate?"  Ross actually takes a look this time and says... "No.  Dammit."  

As you probably guessed, Ross caught Amos red-pawed in the act of chewing on and strewing trashcan items about the house.  At least he was able to scold him with several "No, no, bad dogs."  Usually, when we discover he's done something like that, it's too late to scold him for it.  After everything was cleaned up (I allowed Ross to do it, since he's the one who insists on keeping the bedroom door open; I know, I'm bad) and Amos seemed sufficiently remorseful, we zipped the dog into his crate and went back to sleep... but HOLY COW, what a BAD DOG. 

Still kind of disappointed.
24th-Jun-2010 09:58 am - Hello, FlyLady!
 Okay, I'm going to sound incredibly domestic right now.  Just a heads up.

Since I'm a substitute teacher I'm unemployed during the summer.  Seeing as how I haven't had much luck in finding a summer job (damn job economy!), I'm home ALL DAY LONG.  I always wake up with the intention of making the apartment sparkle, but the end of the day rolls around and NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE.  Oops.  I feel like such a loser, because I'll peruse the internet all day (seriously, I can think of things to look up ALL DAY), and then we have to eat dinner and go to bed in a messy place.  

So, I thought I'd get proactive about it.  A couple hours before my husband came home yesterday I decided to visit a website someone had recommended once, called FlyLady.  The FlyLady has you start with shining your sink.  I can totally see where this makes sense, because my mother always told me to start with making my bed when I needed to clean my room.  It just makes it look like you've made immediate progress.  Kinda looks like the mess surrounding it is more manageable.  So, I broke out the bleach and soaked the sink and dish rack in hot water and 1 cup of bleach.  For an hour.  In the meantime, I tackled the pile of clean clothes in the bedroom but didn't get very far (that's one of the messes that really bugs my Ross; I don't know why I'm so resistant to being bothered by it), made the bed, picked up Ross at the light rail station, and cleaned the kitchen counters/stove top.  Having the kitchen looking neat and orderly made me more willing/motivated to throw together dinner, so I made some pasta salad and choodles (that's chili and noodles, for those of you not in the know; and yes, that's an absurd amount of pasta for one meal!)... and then we made sure the kitchen was spick-and-span before we went to bed.  THAT MEANS WE WOKE UP TO A CLEAN KITCHEN.  Awesome.  It sounds ridiculous, but it is SO AWESOME.  I wonder what the FlyLady has in store for our living room, bathroom, and bedroom....

And because I'm a proud kitchen mama, here's my tidy kitchen!  Although, it really is too bad I didn't take before pictures, because to you guys, it'll probably just look like... a kitchen.  Behold, anyway!

Please, ignore the small rust spot to the top right of the drain.  I didn't put it there and am still trying to figure out how to get rid of it.

A couple more shots of the kitchen!Collapse )

Alright, be honest: How lame am I for excitedly posting photos of my kitchen?
18th-Jun-2010 04:36 pm - Really, LA?
 Part of the reason I don't much care for some sporting events: How Lakers fan celebrate victories.

I mean, seriously?  Who does that?  Isn't a more normal reaction to a victory, I don't know... something that doesn't involve crime?  Breaking windows and lighting trash cans on fire is not an acceptable way to express happiness.  Maybe it's just me.

Another reason: The incessant Facebook status updates ALL ABOUT THE LAKERS AND THE CELTICS.  My goodness, people, honestly.  Nothing else going on in your life?  At least tell me how your dog ate your shoelaces or how you banished snails from your garden.  Hell, even updating how many times you peed today would be more interesting than the ridiculous Boston v. LA banter that was spewed every five seconds.  

15th-Jun-2010 03:06 pm - No, no, no... It's just all wrong.
 I came across a Facebook group today that's dedicated to the memory of a boy who was set to graduate from my old high school a couple weeks ago.  On his way to his last day of school, his brother drove him while under the influence of alcohol.  They crashed, the grad-to-be died.

Well, on this Facebook page there are numerous threads about court dates and bail for the brother.  Once the brother was out of jail and reunited with his family, people rejoiced.  I'm sorry.  I feel bad for the family, my community, and I really do feel bad that the brother of this kid will feel guilty for the rest of his life.  I know it was an accident.  I know this guy didn't intend to kill his little brother on his last day of high school... but why?  Why are people rejoicing that the drunk driver, whose fault it ultimately is that this likable young man died too soon, has been bailed out?  Sorry, but when it comes down to it, most of my sympathy does not go towards the drunk driver, but for the young man who never got to experience the freedom, trials, and triumphs of becoming an adult, going to college, getting married, starting a family, living a full(er) life.  

I just don't get it.
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